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Guide to purchasing TWRFC Membership Online


For the 17/18 season, Tunbridge Wells RFC are moving our membership managment online.

  • Senior Memberships - Will continue to be managed via Pitchero (no change)
  • Family and Social Memerbship - Will be managed directly using the RFU Game Management System (GMS)

Using GMS for membership has the benefit to the club that our RFU records are automatically updated (somethign we are now obliged to do as part of our accreditation), but does come with the downside that the system is not as easy to use as we would like. There are quite a large number of scenarios where members require administrator support to complete the process; for this reason we would encouage all parents to try and complete the process as early as possible to give us the maxium time to resolve issues.  If you get stuck you can request help at, or send an email to

Irrespective of your membership class, we ask that you login to GMS and review/update your details, in particular your contact details and any relationships with other members.  The following guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to update GMS and purchase our membership, given the challenges in using GMS we recommend that you read and follow them carefully.

IMPORTANT! For family members it is important that you update your personal details and child/partner relationships in GMS prior to purchasing membership. Relationships are used to associate your children to your membership and it is not possible for you to change this once the membership has been purchased.

Membership Schemes

Membership Category Comments Fee How to Purchase
Senior Club Playing Member Over 18, includes Playing Vice Presidents and Family Membership £180
Family Non-playing parent/guardian, with playing children £130
Coaches discount £-10
Club Vice Presidents Social (suggested minimum donation) £70
Club Vice Presidents Family (suggested minimum donation) £120
Concession over 18 and in full time education OR unemployed £50
Social £70
  1. Family Membership includes any child aged 17 and under, with one subscription covering all children in the same household. Should the parent/guardian be a Playing Member in the Senior Club then the higher subscription (£180) will apply and cover all.
  2. To qualify for the Coaches discount, the Coach should hold a Rugby Ready qualification and have a current DBS check in place for TWRFC. The discount also covers Team Managers and Executive Members. Non-playing parent/guardian and Coach, with playing children pays £110; Senior Club Playing parent/ guardian and Coach, with playing children pays £170. (One discount per household).
  3. Age limits apply as at 1 September 2016.
  4. For those players aged 18 as at 1 September 2016, they will pay the Senior Club Playing Member subscription or Student / Unemployed Member subscription as applicable.
  5. All Membership categories include all festival entry costs/match fees/3G pitch hire fees which were previously collected on the day.
  6. Tunbridge Wells RFC Youth section has a policy that rugby should be accessible to all, irrelevant of financial or economic background. In cases of genuine economic hardship (where it is a case of "can't pay" rather than "won't pay") the club is able to offer reduced fees on a case by case basis. Please contact the team manager at your age group who will then be able to discuss this on a confidential basis with the mini/midi or junior section head to seek approval for lower or no fees dependent on circumstances

1.Updating details in GMS

1.1. Logging in to GMS

Go to

This will redirect you to the GMS site (RFU's membership database) - you need to log in here using your RFU credentials.  If you know your RFU ID and Password, and your account is already associated with Tunbridge Wells RFC - you will be redirected to the memberships page.  If not there are a number of possible scenarios...

  1. You have forgotton your username - If you already have an account registered with TWRFC you should have recently recieved an email reminding you of your credentials.  If not, or this doesn't work, you are unable to resolve this without help, please submit a request for help.
  2. You have forgotton your password - Reset your password via the 'Forgot Password' button, and proceed.

  3. You do not have an existing RFU ID - You can create one yourself via the 'Create Account' button and proceed.  This is automatically associated with TWRFC.
  4. You have an existing RFU ID which is not associated with Tunbridge Wells RFC - You are unable to resolve this without help, I will need to add your record to the club - please submit a request for help containing the following data.

    1. RFU ID (if known)


    3. LAST NAME

    4. EMAIL


    6. ADDRESS


1.2. Update your details in GMS

From the Details tab - you can edit your persnal details, address, phone number and email.

Note - Some details for registered players or DBS cleared coaches, require admin help to change (please submit a request for help).

Only If you are a coach/manager

Please also additionally review your coaching details (roles, qualifications and DBS status), and if you see any discrepancies let me know and I will try and help:

  1. That your qualifications are all as you would expect
  2. That you have the role of 'Coach' or 'Team Manager'
  3. That your Disclosure and Baring Service (assuming you have one) shows in 'Links to Organisations'
  4. The default behaviour is for GMS to publish coach's phone numbers on the membership website - if you don't want this please still update your phone number, but tick the X-Directory option.
  5. Upload a profile picture (will be published to the membership website)

1.3. Update your relationship to other members in GMS

From the Relationships tab - you can add relationships to other members (ie. your childrem, and partner).  From this tab you can create new records your 

Again there are some (far too many!) scenarios where you are not able to achieve this without help (sigh!) - if you are unable to add the relationship details you need please submit a request for help with the following details for yourself and each other member.

  2. RFU ID (if known)
  5. EMAIL

2. Purchasing Family & Social Membership via GMS

IMPORTANT! Before purchasing a membership please make sure your details and relationships to other members are correct.  Relationships are used to associate your children to your membership - it is not possible in GMS to change this once the membership has been purchased so please make sure that any children and partners are included now.

Note - This section only applies to membership schemes via GMS (currently Family and Social memberships),  adult playing members should complete the existing process via Pitchero (

Once you have updated your details you can go to the membership tab and click buy membership (top right) select the appropriate membership and click add to order.

Do not click Add to Order unless all of your family members apear on this page - once a membership is purchased, GMS does not enable additional family members to be added.